How did you choose the chords in ChordBank?

Not all chords are created equal. That’s why we’ve hand-curated tens of thousands of great-sounding, easy to play voicings for every chord in ChordBank.

What does hand curated mean?

It means that an expert guitarist specifically chose each and every voicing, each way to play each chord.

First, we made a list of all the common combinations of intervals (chords), and then we wrote a computer program to generate every combination of those intervals on the guitar’s fretboard for every chord in every key.

Then, we wrote automated rules to filter out chords that are too difficult to play (e.g. too stretchy or too six-fingered), or that sound musically ugly.

Then the hard work began: we hand-picked through hundreds of thousands of valid voicings, and chose the thousands of winners that make up ChordBank, dozens of great ways to play each chord in each key.

Who is this we?

The expert guitarist choosing the chords was none other than the amazing Colin Sapp, a professor at Berklee College of Music, and long-time collaborator. The one doing the typing was Chris Ladd, ChordBank’s founder.

The project took us over two years, but it’s worth it. When you use ChordBank, you can be confident that the chords are musically and ergonomically sound.