ChordBank: Guitar Chords
Chords and lessons to turn beginners into pros.

Great App with tons of features
I have tried several chord apps and ChordBank blows them all away. The chord bank and reverse feature are very intuitive to use. It also has a great metronome, tuner and scale library. This app has replaced multiple guitar app that I previously used. Highly recommended!!

Step by step lessons
Getting started is easy, with step-by-step lessons. Learn to tune your guitar, the most important chords, and how to change between chords.
Practice Smarter
Play along and practice changing between chords. ChordBank makes it easy to practice what you learn.

Worth every penny. My chord vocabulary has increased 100% and I am starting to see the patterns I never had before. Awesome app.

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Flashcards that listen
Learn and practice new chords with Smart Flashcards that listen as you play. ChordBank uses your microphone to flip cards automatically.
Name that chord
Wonder what you're playing no more with Reverse Chord Finder. Just tap, tap, tap the strings, and ChordBank will tell you exactly what chord you're playing.
Serious smarts
Go behind the music with Chord Genius. Get targeted suggestions for chords that sound great together to help learn, or help you write songs.

Best Guitar App After a Year of Experimentation
I’m not the type to write app reviews but I feel that what this developer is doing is truly exceptional & making a difference in my ability to do my job as a musician. I downloaded a huge amount of apps and distilled my collection down to a few essential tools. This app is most definitely part of my toolkit!

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