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Look up tens of thousands of guitar chords, hand-curated by pros. Practice with AI that listens. Learn with videos and drills.

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Look up chords quickly.
Find any chord, even offline. Chords for beginners? Yep. Slash chords? Yep. Chords for folk, rock, jazz?
Yep, yep. Yeah, daddy-o.
Hear how chords should sound.
Tap any string to hear how it should sound, or strum all the strings together to hear the whole chord, just like you would on your real guitar.
Chords you can play.
Find easy ways to play tricky chords, or expand your chord reperatoire with more ways to play, and new chord progressions and combinations.
Easy as 1, 2, 3
Dots on each string are numbered with exactly the finger to play, so learning new chords is as easy as 1 (index finger), 2 (middle finger), 3 (ring finger). And sometimes 4 (pinky finger).

Worth every penny. My chord vocabulary has increased 100% and I am starting to see the patterns I never had before. Awesome app.

Hands down the greatest guitar app🙌🏾

Very Comprehensive
Great App! Easy to use and very comprehensive!


the all-in-one guitar reference that's always with you

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