Does ChordBank contain chords in alternate tunings?

We’ve got an entire app just for that. Explore millions of chords in over a hundred built-in tunings with Alt Tunings.

How many tunings does the Alt Tunings app have?

Choose from over 100 the built in tunings, from Open G to Hawaiian Slack Key, or add your own completely custom tunings in just a few taps.

Alt Tuning’s chord engine uses Smart Chord selection to find the best sounding and easiest chords to play in any tuning, even your own custom ones.

Why not just put alternate tunings inside of ChordBank?

For over 10 years, our users have told us that they love how simple and easy to use ChordBank is. We didn’t want to mess that up.

With Alt Tunings, we’ve brought the best of ChordBank to a new app, plus brough new tools to allow more advanced players to explore thousands of chords in each and every tuning to find just the sound they’re looking for.

I’m an All Access member. Do I get access to Alt Tunings too?

Yes! Your All Access membership gives you full access to Alt Tunings, along with ChordBank, ScaleBank, and TabBank.


Learn more about Alt Tunings here, or download the app now on the App Store.