What is included in my All Access membership?

Your All Access membership includes full access to ChordBank’s entire family of guitar apps, including ScaleBank, Alt Tunings, and TabBank.


Unlock all of the chords, lessons, videos, and drills in ChordBank.

Your membership also includes 100GB of cloud storage to save chord collections to your ChordBank account.

To unlock any app, simply sign go to the settings menu, then tap “Account”, then sign in your ChordBank account.


Unlock all of the scales, modes, patterns, drills and backing tracks in ScaleBank, to learn and practice scales up and down the fretboard, even without an internet connection.

Alt Tunings

Unlock over a hundred built-in alternate tunings, from Open G to Hawaiian Slack Key. Browse millions of chords, or create your own with Reverse Chord Finder.

Your membership includes up to 100GB of cloud storage to save your own custom tunings.


Curate your own personal library of guitar tabs with TabBank. Import tabs from the web, or start from scratch. Your membership includes printing, PDF generating, and up to 100GB of cloud storage.