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How often should you change your strings?

So how often you sho. And how do you you know which strings, which kind of strings to buy?

So it depends on whether you’re playing acoustic or electric. There’s also the ideal and the real. Pre-what’s been going on, as gigging musician, I played a lot and if I was playing all the time, you know, when I was so busy that was actually what I needed to change my strings the most when you had the least time to do it.

I would say if you play three hours a week or so, you should probably change change your strings every month for an electric guitar. For an acoustic guitar, depending on the kind of strings you have, they might have more longevity.

What about coated strings?

There are certain brands that, like the focus of of their strings, is that they last for a long time because it’s a pain in the neck to change your strings.

People talk about Elixir strings for that, that are coated. I personally don’t want to throw shade on Elixir. They’re great, but it’s just not my thing, sound wise. I’d prefer to just change my strings more often. But I’m also not picky about the kind of string that I use. I just want them to be kind of fresh. A lot of people like that sound of fresh strings, because that’s when you’re gonna have the most dynamism out of the strings give you the most impact, and they’ll respond to what you’re playing.

One thing that I would say is, if you’re if you’re changing your strings, it’s important to know what gauge string was on your guitar before you changed them. This is super important.

It just helps you to, um you know, make sure you conserve your guitar is a little bit because let’s say that you have, um, light gauge strings. So, like, you know, a non acoustic, let’s say eleven gauge strings, right?

And then you try to, um, replace them with medium gauge strings, not even heavy gauge strings, but medium gauge strings. It’s gonna put a lot of added pressure on the neck of your guitar, and it might actually, like do some damage to your guitar. So it’s important that you know, when you change your strings, you have a decent understanding of the gauge,