Rock (slowly) with your glasses off—Slowify adds full support for larger text sizes.

Starting with version 1.0.2, Slowify adds full support for Dynamic Type, Apple’s built-in tech to change the text size on iPhones.


Slow down songs up to 4x, now with large type

Slowify lets musicians slow down songs and videos without changing their pitch, so they can practice blistering solos at their own pace.

Now, Slowify makes it easy for tired eyes to rock out, adding support for Apple’s configurable type sizes, known as “Dynamic Type”.

Full support for Dynamic Type lets more users incorporate Slowify into their practice routine. Every detail adapts to the user’s preferred type size, from precision-dials to lock-in loopable song clips, to the tempo dial, which seamlessly slows down or speeds up audio up to 4x, without changing pitch.

Playing your favorite music is one of the great joys of life. Now, with Slowify, you can play with your heroes, at your own pace, and at a size that works for you.

About Slowify

Slowify is an app for musicians learning music. Slow down songs and videos by up to 400%, so guitar players, pianists, or any instrumentalist can play and practice the music they love at any speed, and create loopable song clips to learn one section at a time.

Just search any of Apple Music’s 100 million songs, then slide the tempo dial up or down to practice new music, or challenge yourself by playing along faster.

Save and slow down videos for any song by searching YouTube, Instagram, TikTok and more. Save tutorials to learn a complicated finger-picking section. Or create short loops of live versions of songs to watch a guitarists hands rip through a blistering solo at slow speed.

Save links to lyrics, guitar tabs, chord sheets, and more for easy one-tap access from any song.

Slowify is the easiest way to learn and practice your favorite music.