ChordBank adds interactive, AI-driven flashcards to learn power chords

ChordBank’s latest release adds interactive flashcards for power chords that use AI to listen as you play.


Learn new chords faster, with ChordBank

If there is one chord every rock musician needs, it is POWER CHORDS!

ChordBank now adds 6 decks of Sonic AI flashcards for this crucial chord type, using your microphone to listen as you play, providing real-time feedback to master chords quickly on your real guitar.

Learn power chords rooted on the fifth and sixth strings, then combine them in pairs to cement your knowledge.

Using a combination of CoreML and Accelerate-powered algorithms to analyze the microphone input, the app recognizes chords and flips cards automatically, showering the screen with confetti. Each deck grows gradually more difficult, starting with full diagrams that guide your fingers, moving to just a single chord name, graduating to pairs of chords that must be played one after the other.

As you progress through each deck of chords, your confidence with the fretboard grows as you discover which fret to link with each chord.

About ChordBank

ChordBank is the canonical reference for guitarists, with thousands of chords and scales, hand-curated by pros.

Tools like variable-speed backing tracks and playalongs, a metronome packed with features, and advanced Sonic AI flashcards and games that listen as you play make ChordBank an essential part of any player’s practice routine. Whether you’re right or left-handed, whether you use standard note names or solfege, ChordBank fits your playing.

Whether you’re learning your first chords or searching for just the right inversion of a minor seventh chord stacked high with tensions, ChordBank has you covered. From multi-angle video tutorials on chords, scales, and gear, to theory-laden practice tools to build chord progressions and write songs. ChordBank is the indispensable guitarists companion, for pros and beginners alike.