ScaleBank adds nearby patterns for CAGED and 3NPS patterns

ScaleBank’s latest release lets users swipe from one pattern to the next, up and down the fretboard, from root position to the 24th fret.


See every scale pattern, everywhere on the fretboard.

This release unlocks the full breadth of ScaleBank’s scales with every available pattern right on the fretboard, right where guitarists need them.

For players, this means they can navigate ScaleBank the same way they navigate their real guitar. Playing a riff at the 12th fret? Scroll up the fretboard in ScaleBank, tap the “CAGED 1” button, and you’re in position to see every note in the scale. Find you need more notes lower on the fretboard? Swipe down, find a pattern, and rock out.

This is on top of ScaleBank’s existing options to move around the freboard–stepping up and down between adjacent patterns, and our exclusive minimap, small representations of every available pattern at a glance.

And each of these patterns includes multi-speed backing tracks, timed metronome practice, and scale and arpeggio drills at any tempo, with quarter note, eighth note, and sixteenth note beats–all the tools to master scales and, now, more ways to find just the right pattern for any song.

About ScaleBank

ScaleBank is the missing manual for a guitar’s fretboard. Guitarists use scales to play melodies, and ScaleBank includes not only those scales, but up to a dozen ways to play, in different positions up and down the fretboard, all the way from open strings down at one end of the neck, up to the 24th fret.

Color-coded and numbered to show even a novice guitarist exactly where to place their fingers, each position includes drills, arpeggios, and backing tracks to master scales in any key in any position, from the CAGED fingerings favored by most guitarists, to the Three Note Per String (3NPS) favored by Berklee graduates.

In this release, navigating the fretboard becomes even easier. In addition to a minimap showing a birds eye view of every available pattern, users can now see adjacent scale patterns right on fretboard, and tap to change between them.