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Beginner Course Day 6

The E Major Chord

10 minutes, 2 videos

OK, we've been fooling around with D and A long enough. Let's learn a new chord.

What You'll Learn

1 Learning the E Major Chord

Let's learn the E major shape. Follow along—it's our first chord to use all six strings.

2 Quick practice with an On / Off drill

As is our way, we'll practice our new chord with an on / off drill.

3 On your own, Part 1

Spend four minutes practicing the E major shape. Take out your phone, set a timer.

  1. Put your fingers on the strings in the E major shape.
  2. Strum, slowly, using quarter notes, or eighth notes, your choice.
  3. After four beats, take your fingers off the strings. Then put them back on.
  4. Repeat. Don't stop until your timer goes off.

4 Before you go

Before you go, it's important that you do something that might seem a little silly.

Take out your phone. And open up the camera.

You're going to take a video of yourself as a way to measure your progress.

  1. First, demonstrate how to tune your guitar. Try to remember, and explain it to yourself the way you'd explain it to someone else who was just starting.
  2. You've learned three chords. Can you remember them?
  3. How many ways do you know how to strum?

Next Lesson

In our next lesson, we'll put all three chords together.

Anna Freitas holds a B.A. from Berklee College of Music 
and performs throughout New England as a guitarist and vocalist. She continues to teach students, both in-person
 and online via Skype.