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39 free lessons teach you every Beatles chart topping song

Awesome teachers on YouTube teach you to rock like the fab four, and most are easy enough for beginners.

Love Me Do  1962

With just three chords, Love Me Do is a perfect first song for beginners.

Released in October of 1962, it was the Beatles’ first single, and their first #1 hit.


Great for beginners

From Me to You  1963

From Me To You introduces some funky seventh chords, so it’s a good song to learn new chords as a beginner.

She Loves You  1963

The best selling single The Beatles ever had—just a handful of chords, but you’ve got some minors and sevenths in there to keep it interesting.


I Want to Hold Your Hand  1963

Great for beginners

Step-by-step riffs

Can’t Buy Me Love  1964

A Hard Day’s Night  1964

I Feel Fine  1964

Step-by-step riffs

Eight Days a Week  1965

Great for beginners

Ticket to Ride  1965

Great for beginners

Help  1965

Yesterday  1965

Day Tripper  1965

Step-by-step riffs

We Can Work It Out  1965

Great for beginners

Paperback Writer  1966

Step-by-step riffs

Yellow Submarine  1966

Great for beginners

Eleanor Rigby  1966

Penny Lane  1967

All You Need Is Love  1967

Great for beginners

Hello, Goodbye  1967

Lady Madonna  1968

Hey Jude  1968

Great for beginners

Get Back  1969

Step-by-step riffs

The Ballad of John and Yoko  1969

Great for beginners

Something  1969

Come Together  1969

Let It Be  1970

Great for beginners

The Long and Winding Road  1970