Printing & Exporting to PDF

Print or export any song to PDF by tapping the three dots menu, then scrolling down and selecting “Print” or “Export PDF”.


Use columns to better fit songs to the page. Options include none, two, or three.

Page Size

TabBank will automatically pick the page size that is most common in your region—US Letter or A4.

If you want to send a pretty PDF of your song to a friend who doesn’t have TabBank, try Phone Width, a narrow size that works best for scrolling on small devices.

Text Size & Style

Use the slider to change the text size of lyrics, chords, and tabs.

You can also independently customize fonts for title, artist, lyrics, chords, tabs, and headings.

Make a change you don’t like? Scroll down to the bottom of the print settings and tap “Reset to Defaults”.


By default, your song will print with guitar chord diagrams.

Customize diagram size using the slider in the diagram secion.

You can also tap the Diagrams button to choose between Guitar, Ukulele, Loog, or none at all.

Showing / Hiding Sections

You can independently show or hide the following sections by flipping their switches on or off: