Editing Songs

Songs in TabBank are editable text files. Changes to the text will change how your songs are formatted for print, or organized in your library.

Title and Artist

The artist and title for the song comes from the text itself:

title: My Great Song
artist: My Wonderful Artist

Changing or removing either of these values with change both how the song is printed, and how your song shows up on the main screen of the app.

Editing lyrics

To add lyrics to your songs, just start typing.

To add chords, place them inside square brackets, like this: [Gm7]. The [] button in the context bar will add a pair of brackets to your song, and place the cursor in between them.

Type your chord, then hit the space bar. TabBank will skip past the second bracket for you, and let you get back to your lyrics.

The context bar will also suggest any chords you’ve used already, sorted by how often they appear. Tap on any chord to insert it into your lyrics.

Editing tabs

Tap the dashes button to insert plain-text tab into the app.

Once inside a tab section, the context bar will show arrows to move around, plus common embelleshments like h, /, and p.

Use a | character to insert a barline all the way through.

The space bar, when inside a tab group, will add a new tab frame.


Special words like Verse, Chorus and Bridge all alone on their own line will be interpreted as headings. You’ll see them change color and become bold when the app recognizes them.

A partial list: Verse, Chorus, Intro, Bridge, Instrumental, Repeat, Outro, Interlude, and Ending.

You can add numbers or small amounts of text to any of these, as well, as in Verse 2, Pre-Chorus.

To mark anything else as a heading, # before it. Like this:

# My Custom Heading