The C# Minor chord

Chord diagram for the C#m guitar chord.

Step by Step

Let’s walk through how to play that C# Minor chord, one finger at a time, on your guitar.

  1. Place the tip of your first finger on the fifth string at the fourth fret.
  2. Flatten your finger and press down to make a barre across to the first string.
  3. Put your second finger on the fifth fret of the second string.
  4. Put your third finger on the sixth fret of the fourth string.
  5. Put your fourth finger on the sixth fret of the third string.
  6. Strum only the thinnest five strings.
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Anna Freitas holds a B.A. from Berklee College of Music and performs throughout New England as a guitarist and vocalist. She continues to teach students, both in-person and online via Skype.