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Cm Chord

On this page, learn the Cm guitar chord, plus an easier version to make it simpler to for beginners, even if it's your first day playing.

cm chord

If you're looking at the diagram above, and thinking yikes, that looks hard, don't worry.

With step-by-step videos and guides, we'll make it easy.

How to Play a Cm Chord

The most common version of the C m uses a barre, and all four fingers. Below, learn that version, then learn a simpler version with no barre at all.

  1. Make a barre with your first finger at the third fret, from the fifth string to the first string.
  2. Place your second finger just in front, on the fourth fret of the second string.
  3. Your third finger goes up two strings and over one—on the fifth fret of the fourth string.
  4. Your fourth finger drops in right underneath, on the fifth fret of the third string.
  5. Play only the five highest strings.

Practice Tips

Remember which string is doing what. Your first finger is making a barre across five strings, but there's only two that you need to press down firmly: the fifth string and the first string.

So don't worry so much about those strings. It's a team sport, and your other fingers are covering those:

Different fingers have different jobs when playing a C minor barre chord

As you can see in the image above, in this barre chord, there are only two important contact points with the strings.

Focus on those.

An easier version of Cm

An easier version of the C minor chord

An easier version for beginners drops the barre entirely, and just uses four fingers lined up in a row.

It's much easier to play, and has all the same notes.

Easy C Minor, Step by Step

  1. Place your first finger on the first string at the third fret.
  2. Place your second finger just in front, on the second string at the fourth fret.
  3. Your third and fourth fingers go on the next two string—on the fifth fret of the third and fourth strings.

Two ways to play

Side by side, the two versions look like this:

An easier version of the C minor chord

You can see that the easy version is really just a smaller piece of the barred version.

Practice both, and see which one you like best.

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