Alt Tunings
Hundreds of tunings, millions of chords

Hundreds of tunings, millions of chords. Master open and alternate tunings, and explore your guitar as you never could before.


Choose from over 100 built-in tunings, from Open D to DADGAD to Hawaiian Slack Key. Or build your own tuning, customizing each string, and discover thousands of new chords and scales.

We use our own proprietary algorithm to generate over 80 types of chords, from m7 to m7b5#9. Then, from those thousands of chords, we filter the best sounding and easiest to play, so, no matter what the tuning, you always know where to start.

Enjoy exploring on your own? Tap in fingerings with our Reverse Chord Finder to discover new voicings, or just figure out what the heck you’re playing.

Visualize the notes from your tuning in dozens of scales and modes. And compositions are a snap. As you tap the fretboard, Auto-Tab remembers what you play.

And our built-in tuner makes it easy to get into tune, no matter what tuning you’re in, by listening as you play.

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